Blocked Toilet Glasgow – Home Fix

Imagine the situation of finishing your business and you push the flush button onto the be met with a rising tide of waste edging closer and closer to the brim. PANIC sets in! you try everything from the kitchen mop to expensive drain unblock solution all to no avail. Which the rest of family home soon, guests or flatmates coming back its time to call in the experts. Luckily here at Homefix we specialise in blocked toilets in  Glasgow.

blocked toilet glasgow

Blocked Toilets Are No Problem For Us!

Here at Homefix our vans are fully stocked and ready to deal with localised blockages in the home to main drains been blocked outside. With all equipment on board if a blockage turns into something bigger you know we have all the equipment and experience to deal with your problem on site.

So sit back, relax and we’ll have your toilet flowing normally in no time!