Drain Repair Glasgow – Home Fix

If our cameras detect a problem within your drain, then it will need to be repaired in order to restore normal function. Sometimes, but not always, this will require an excavation to expose the pipe. We would then cut out the damaged section and replace it with new, before returning the site as near as possible to its original state.

Digging is always our last resort to solving a problem, and is usually the result of a complete, or partial collapse. If for example, you have a joint displacement, we can carry out a no dig patch repair. Providing there is suitable access, we insert an inflatable tube into the drain. This tube is wrapped in a fibreglass resin mat, and once in position, it is inflated to the correct pressure and left to cure. Once set, the tube is deflated and removed from the drain, leaving a brand new smooth surface within the pipework.

With Root Ingress, we use a cutting machine to trim the roots back and use the patch repair process to prevent regrowth.